Confuse the cat: Kericky


Sab, 27/12/2008 - 18:28

Confuse the cat: Kericky

MUSIC - Confuse the Cat is a Belgian band spiritually born and grown up in the '80s. "Confuse The Cat beheld the white stage lights in 2002, the same year The Back Street Boys split.

 In truth a blessed year in music." Really a blessed year for the universe!
Kericky is the title of their last album: big-city-sound with impressive drums and old-fashioned electronics. The boredom comes only after a while when you start feeling some lack of intensity and originality in the tracks. Anyways it's strongly recommended to buy this album (only 10$ on and to attend their fun-guarenteed concert.
Where can spaghetti-eaters find the lyrics of Kericky?

Confuse the Cat is: Geert Plessers (zang/gitaar and leader of the band), Dirk Thielemans (gitaar, keys), Sven Hoskens (bass) en Dirk Neyens (drumset)

‘Kiss Kiss Kissinger’ 2003 zealcdee005 zealrecords
‘New medicine’ 2005 zealcdee009 zealrecords
‘We Can Do It’ 2006 zealcdee015 zealrecords
‘Kericky’ 2008 zealcedee… zealrecords

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